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Naughty Pot

I planned on writing about finishing up school and my attempt to enter the work force again...starting over. It's been on my mind pretty aggressively.

But instead...let me tell you about how I offended some young girl today with my apparent crassness.

I went out to the Goldfield Ghost Town out in Apache Junction, close to the Superstitions. It once was an old mining town and now it persists as a tourist trap. They have all the good underground mine tour, a bordello, a jail (equipped with a pillory for fun photos), and a sweets store where you can buy scorpions fixed inside lollipops and fudge made of prickly pear. As a side-note, this is also where you can find those dot candies that you bite off of the paper. I used to love them when I was a kid. Who knew those living in the wild west did too.

So, I went out there because a friend was recently married and I wanted the perfect gift for her. To me that means a cactus man. Like the one we have. Ours has been through a lot…