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Eat Healthy, Stay Dairy Queen

I have a lot to say about this picture.

I took it last month when Tyler and I were returning home to Arizona from Washington. We were at a gas station somewhere near Bakersfield, California; there wasn't a whole lot else around.

I guess to start I'm wondering if this is a new DQ slogan. I remember other slogans - "Hot Eats Cold Treats" and "We treat you right." which in my opinion reflect the product perfectly, and appropriately.

I remember a friend and I going to Dairy Queen when we were just out of high school. We'd both get the chicken strip meal (which by the way was provided as an enormous meal at the time...massive pieces of chicken, fries on top of fries, and multiple slices of their toasted, buttery garlic bread).

I'm not too proud to say how much in love I was with that meal.

Nostalgia for it even had me return when Tyler and I were first dating (maybe nine years ago), and the meal they were passing off as the same thing was just sad. It d…