In Defense of Chelsea Handler

 Recently a video was posted on a blog that caters mainly to MTV and Howard Stern fans. It was Chelsea Handler introducing her “sex tape” according to the title posted. The clip had the following as its description, “The fact that only women like her is just further proof that she’s unfunny. Broads dunno funny. Sorry to break it to you!!!”

I enjoy Chelsea Handler. I mentioned previously how I watched the VMA’s because of her. Well, I like her show Chelsea Lately, as well as the monthly piece that she does for Cosmo, and I was recently reminded of her part in the sketch comedy show Girls Behaving Badly, which also had some positive moments. The thing is, I realize that not everyone has to like her. I also realize, and this is key, that probably not all females like her, and chances are not every male dislikes her. Generally, I am mature enough to acknowledge that opinions typically are based on individual interest, not gender specificity.

Therefore, I am left with a few aspects of this quote that I just don’t understand. Maybe I can get some feedback.

1)            Who still uses the term “broads” to depict women in general, and do they actually date? Does anyone see the term as a positive?

2)            Who spells don’t know as “dunno” besides my 9th graders when they are texting?

 3)            Are there still men in 2010 with such little respect for females that they lump an entire gender into one category?

4)            And lastly, does the guy who wrote this ever get tired of being so ridiculously funny?

Possible answers…

1)             Men who are ignorant and egotistical use the term broads. These men date incredibly unintelligent females who laugh at anything in the off chance that this guy might be famous enough and willing to take care of them.

2)            I hate the break down of language that is exemplified with texting. I hate that it occurs in every day life even more, like when people SAY out loud in a verbal conversation, “OMG”. I know that most people would disagree with me on this.

3)            Sadly, yes. However, I think the payback occurs when these men are so lonely/bored with their lives that they are stuck dealing with completely vapid women. I think it levels the playing field for people who actually look for substance in a “partner”.

4)            No. But remember the female side of the population won’t understand his comedic wit.


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