Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Relin... a review

Three Cups of Tea is a book you should read. I think everyone should. In fact, I think it should be a “required read” for students before they graduate high school.

I was worried after the first chapter that it was going to be 300 and some pages of how amazing this Mortenson guy is, and since I have this inability to simply stop reading a book even if it is awful, I’d be stuck reading praise after praise. It does cheerlead quite extensively, but I got over it, and I’m sure you will too…the man is remarkable, and ultimately you will want him to succeed. However, be prepared because some parts do read like this man can only shit great ideas.

Greg Mortenson is a mountain climber turned humanitarian. Self described with fault, he could be viewed as a modern day epic hero. A larger than life “character”, he has spent over a decade surmounting numerous obstacles to create “life through education” in areas where education, especially for females simply did not exist. Plus, he did so before, during, and after 9/11 when helping people, who many considered enemies, was not only unacceptable, but outright traitor-ish.

Three Cups of Tea is the story of a man’s journey to build classrooms in the far reaches of Pakistan and eventually into Afghanistan. Along the way he learned that if he wanted to fill the void of education in extremely remote areas he’d have to provide basic needs to the people as well which proves equally difficult.

Three Cups of Tea is already a New York Times Bestseller which means you can get it for super cheap on Amazon or for 8.99 at Costco :)


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