What the hell MTV

The following is not exactly time sensitive, however I felt it necessary to post due to the supposed huge following MTV had for the show.

I haven't watched MTV's Video Music Awards for at least five years, probably more like ten. I decided to watch the 2010 awards last night because Chelsea Handler was hosting. She is absolutely hilarious, and I genuinely feel sorry for the fact that she was actually a part of this "show". Ugh. What a waste of time. I remember seriously looking forward to these shows when I was younger, and I can't seem to wrap my head around what the hell happened.

I now realize I have grown beyond the days when singers actually sing their own music, show up for award nominations, and just overall have talent without the use of some sort of voice modification. It was a sad showing. I'm sure no one else watched it so I'll just provide you with a couple tidbits.

Eminem and Lady Gaga one every award except two. Since I like both, I won't complain. However, it was the same artists nominated over and over again. What happened to different types of music? It simply doesn't exist anymore according to MTV. Jared Leto's group won for Best Rock I believe, and the only reason I have any recollection of this is due to Jared's previous days as an actor on My So Called Life with Clair Danes. He is quite attractive and if I remember correctly Life used to be on MTV. I wonder if there is any other reason why the group won the award? Lady Gaga was extremely humble while accepting her awards and her last outfit, which I'm sure will be the only thing later talked about from the VMA's this year, was made out of meat. Gross. Eminem opened the show and then left immediately after, obviously knowing what a P.O.S this awards show has become.

I seem to recall some hugh uproar about people lip-synching during live performances way back when I was like 25. Apparently that does not matter any more. I think most of the performers with the exception of Mary J. Blige either were lip-synching completely or singing over their recorded tracks. I am obviously naive but when did that become acceptable... especially in a situation where it is the exact talent being awarded or judged if-you-will. I don't get it. At all.

Lastly, who was even there? I remember way back when the host would make jokes about the artists and then the camera would scan to record said artists' reactions. Last night I must have seen the reactions of f'ing kesha and Katy Perry at least 25 times without exaggerating. Who cares about them? Obviously no one, which is the only reason why they were actually at the show. They must not have received the message that actual artists would not be in attendance.

One highlight of the show was a group called Florence and the Machine. I had never heard of them but they were up for quite a few awards.


Next year, I will again eat my super tasty appetizers with great company, but will skip the VMA's. Seriously though, I can't even imagine MTV attempting a follow up after last night's sh**show. Those responsible should face the day with the most severe walk-of-shame imaginable. But instead I'm sure they will all smack each others a**es and say, "good game", because that is obviously how we got to this depth of horror to begin with.


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