Homemade Pizza

We just finished eating some homemade pizza and since it was quite tasty and super easy to make, I thought I’d share it. I have often made “pizza” from home just using French bread, tomato paste, cheese and whatever I feel like topping it with. But this is like real pizza, made with actual dough.

As I’ve mentioned in my recent review of Barbara Kingsolvers’ The Lacuna, I like love her. Due to this infatuation, I am currently reading Animal Vegetable Miracle also by Kingsolver and actually published in 2007. I bought it and had to put it aside while I went back to school. Well after my last read by her I was definitely ready to pull it back out. It is different than her fiction because instead the book documents her family as they attempt to live off the land for a whole year. It is a good read that I intend to tell you more about later when I finish. But I will say it is making me want a garden of my own, bad.

Back to the pizza. You can find the exact recipe on Kingsolvers’ website listed under Friday Night Pizza, http://www.animalvegetablemiracle.com/. However, here are some basics. The only item that you will probably need to purchase is yeast. Otherwise you just need flour, olive oil, and salt. After kneading the dough it has to sit for 30 minutes to let the yeast do its thing. Some counter or table space to roll out the dough is beneficial. And, I may not have been throwing the dough around, but the loose flower can get messy. The recipe makes enough for two small pizzas.

Then it is just a matter of what you want on top. My boyfriend went for a pretty basic pepperoni and artichoke while I put spinach between my sauce and cheese layer, and then topped it with kalamata olives, artichokes and my personal favorite crushed pineapple.

Bake at 425 for 20 minutes.

Umm…sooo good. Seriously, try it. 


  1. I'd say mine was probably better than yours. I'd love to do it again sometime!


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