New Job = New Shoes

Today I received all of my new employee paperwork. I have accepted a teaching position at a local, highly accredited, charter (gasp!) school, a school that has just been nominated (again) for “school of the year”. Let me start by saying I knew nothing of the school’s reputation prior to applying. I simply found an opening on the Department of Education website and applied.

It sounds so easy, but it wasn’t at all. I was looking for jobs and not finding anything that fit my new mindset. I was frustrated at not hearing back from positions outside of education, positions that I was easily overqualified for to begin with, but for whatever reason was not even a candidate worthy of an interview. I was also being completely stubborn, and refused to even look at positions in education while my boyfriend applied and found a job rather quickly at a local junior high. Most of my friends know that I resigned from a position last year, and most know why. I left thinking I wouldn’t teach anymore.

I was seriously going crazy deciding what was most important to me. I had worked so very hard to become a teacher, and I had continued working hard to be good in my position. It seemed absurd to give up everything I had worked towards simply because I had a difficult year. But I almost did.

And then I randomly applied to an online school, interviewed and was offered the position basically all at once. I felt like I HAD to accept because through all this soul searching I have been jobless, living off of my savings. And all the while, I was inundated with news stories about unemployment rates, and American’s lack of health insurance, and people with Master’s degrees (ahem) unable to find work. So f’ing scary! I was practically scheduling out my time with the online school when I heard from the charter school.

* * * *

And thus begins an experiment. I now have the opportunity to work in a completely different educational atmosphere, outside of the public school system. I am going into this experience with very open eyes. I want to see the advantages and disadvantages associated with different forms of education. In the few times I have visited the school and spoken with the staff, I can already tell it is a very different world.

I want to be clear though. This is a public school with open enrollment, not a private school. It is a school that has grown rapidly over the last few years, and it is quite obvious that the student population has already outgrown the physical building substantially. My first impression is that the most important element driving this school is the students and their success, period. I asked five employees about their thoughts on the school. Each of them responded with an overall enthusiasm for the school, and each of them added a comment about the extremely high expectations held for both students and teachers.

I think this position will be a challenge for me, especially as I attempt to find my place in a very different environment. At this moment I am completely optimistic that I will learn from this experience. And that is why I bought two new pairs of shoes that do not have open backs because that would be against the dress code ☺


  1. I'm proud of you for staying in education. It would be a shame to throw it all away after having a crappy year because of one or two people.

    Being a public school that can be attended by anyone, I wonder what makes this school more successful than others. Perhaps since the kids start there at preschool, they are held to a super high expectation from an extremely young age. They never have a chance to experience a school setting where it is acceptable to fail. Also, being a charter school, I'm sure the principal truly is in it for the best interest of the students, not someone who is just taking orders from the district and trying to make themselves look good. I bet that can make a huge difference in the attitude of the staff.

    I hope you enjoy the experience. I think you will love it!

    Also, your new shoes look great!

  2. "wow" you will now be able to answer your own question.

  3. Who want's to see your naked heels anyway

  4. Yo homie, don't try to find another Wallace- cause there isn't one. But I do hope you find an enjoyable staff to work with- and that you find your smile while doing what you were born to do again :)
    Dress code has no open back shoes? Oh man.... :) Have fun!

  5. Thanks Tyler and Becky :) And to "anonymous #2", everyone, I am ridiculously blessed in the feet area.


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