I'm Thankful for...

Thanksgiving is almost here, and in light of my very favorite day, I thought it would make sense to take some time to reflect. I am so completely thankful for my family as well as every opportunity I have ever had. Not many days go by that I don’t in some way acknowledge how grateful I am.

This list may have a location bias at this time, and it is not in any order whatsoever.

I am thankful for:

1.    A home, food to eat, access to clean water…

2.    My parents who have supported and encouraged me through every single decision I have ever made.

3.    A boyfriend who plays no games, is kind and considerate, makes me laugh, and who treats me with respect. And he likes to go on “dates”.

4.    Leah. I have always said how she saved my life…forcing me to walk her every day, and simultaneously protecting me from a raging depression.

5.    Bloody Marys with Demitri’s seasoning sauces.

6.    Being able to bike, or hike, or sit outside and read, any day I want, without the rain.

7.    My decision to leave a position with job security, because it was ridiculing my mental health.

8.    A new beginning in an unfamiliar place.     

9.    Pam and Erik, who have been super supportive, and who have graciously allowed us residence in their beautiful home.

10.         Having time to read and write again.

11.         A gym that is close enough to bike to, and a workout partner who I can count on. 

12.         A job that provides health insurance, pays for food, repays loans, and pays my bills.

13.         The friends I have made over the years. I understand that close contact is impossible to maintain with everyone, but I especially appreciate those who try.

14.         My parents’ decision to move us from Philadelphia when I was 16. It is remarkable to look back and see all of the doors that opened up for me because of that move. 

15.         Clear, cool nights spent looking at the stars in the warmth of the hot tub.

16.         A home filled with love.

17.         Having any “thing” I could ever want, and the sense to know that none of it is a necessity.

18.         “Mint Shakers”- 1 shot vodka, ½ shot crem de menthe, ½ shot cacao, vanilla soymilk, and ice-- shake it like a martini. That is an original and you will thank me later.

19.         My education.

20.         Places like Yogurtland that offer self-serve yogurt and toppings.

21.         My summers spent swimming at Lackman.

22.         Spending those summers with my mom.

23.         The months full of bike rides in rain, snow, sleet, and beautiful spring days while training for the Seattle to Portland with my dad.

24.         Having had the motivation and physical ability required for the STP, and a triathlon.

25.         Cushman Camping Trips.

26.         Yokosuka reunions.

27.         Walking Leah in November in shorts and flip flops.

28.         My book club.

29.         Time outside of work to pursue other interests.

30.         Every single opportunity I have had to travel and experience what life can offer… I feel fortunate for each and every moment, and believe these moments have helped mold me into me.

-- The following is a sampling of how fortunate I have  been: river-rafting in South Korea, scuba-diving, snorkeling, and ocean kayaking in Okinawa, skydiving in Switzerland, hiking Mt. Fuji in Japan, seeing the Sistine Chapel in Rome, hiking along the coast of Cinque Terra, Italy, biking down Haleakala and parasailing in Maui, flying around Olympia with my own personal pilot, sitting on “The Sound of Music” tour bus while driving around Austria, taking a soak in medicinal waters and receiving my first massage in Budapest, watching an ox bathed on the beach, eating brownies before leaving Amsterdam and then having the train break down, watching Close Encounters in the campground next to Devil’s Tower, spending the night at Hotel Areola in Tijuana, falling asleep outside a club in Tokyo, hiking Mt. Dobongsan in Korea and getting caught in a monsoon and having to use a makeshift rope bridge to get across the flash flood, sleeping on lawn chairs with our sleeping bags while taking a 36 hour “ferry” from Greece to Italy, encountering a Rhinoceros beetle in Japan, and watching the “banana lady” in Okinawa.

I would love to hear about the elements of your life that you are thankful for!!


  1. I love you!! I am so very thankful to have met and kept you in my life (not to mention being able to see you just days ago). Loved seeing a few of our memories on this list as well, and can't wait to try your Mint Shaker next time I visit!

    XOXOX - Tricia


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