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Dear fellow facebook enthusiasts,

I have what I consider to be a small request, and I am aware that out of the fifteen or so people who will read this a percentage of those readers may take offense but I’m willing to accept this as a possible outcome. All I’m suggesting is that updaters simply think about what kind of information they are choosing to share with friends and family, BEFORE they actually post.

Now admittedly, I’m neurotic. I check my fb often, probably too often. When on fb, I typically like to scroll through my friends’ recent posts, because in some weird way it makes me feel connected to those I no longer live near. But perhaps, this is my downfall. Perhaps I should just pop on to write something about myself and ignore what everyone else is saying and doing. Perhaps then I wouldn’t be so disenchanted with how some of my friends choose to present themselves.

So what exactly is my problem? Well for one, there are occasionally instances of over-sharing. One time I was made aware of an argument as it took place between a friend and her boyfriend through her play-by-play updates. It was genuinely hard for me to see how they back and forth nastily “commented” on her page, and even harder for me to not intervene since they had no qualms exposing their issues to everyone. But the thing is I don’t even know him, and more importantly I realize it is truly none of my business. But that is exactly my point. Why put it out there, and make it my business?

Another issue I have is with the updaters who feel the need to share every single thought they have throughout the day. "Getting a shower,” and “Going to work,” and “heading to the gym,” are, believe it or not, not terribly newsworthy. But the absolute worst in this category are the five-line-long-comprehensive-lists detailing everything they plan on doing for the next five hours. I get it; you have stuff to do. So does everyone else.

But actually, “the over-sharers”, and the “too-often-sharers” aren’t even why I’m writing today. It is Thanksgiving weekend. Last week, I posted some of the reasons why I’m thankful. I was really hoping that I would hear some feedback from others expressing what elements of their life they are thankful for. I heard nothing, not a single thing. And while I know that people read my post (there are viewing stats in blogger), I understand that people are busy, especially heading into the holidays. Therefore, I accepted the lack of response. I was sad, but I understood.

However, what I can’t accept is that there was obviously plenty of time for people to list out what they are not thankful for in their updates. And so here it is, I am so tired of people using their updates to bitch about their lives. I’m completely exhausted. And no, I’m not talking about the occasional mention of unhappiness when negative elements encroach on your overall happiness. It happens, and life sometimes sucks. It happens to everyone. But it shouldn’t be all the time. Please don’t let it be. I’m begging you.

I’m so incredibly tired of people complaining about how sick they are, or how bad the weather is, or how much they hate their job, or just in general anything that is bothersome to them at that moment: car problems and the cost to fix, bad drivers (as they are on fb while driving), long lines, lazy wait staff, blah depressing blah.

Now, I could never say that I’m completely innocent of posting occasional irritations. I’m also sure that my own posts have bothered people in some way at any given time. And yes, I also realize that I could just not look at fb, or just hide those people who can’t seem to function beyond their own unconstructiveness. But I don’t think I should have to, and this is where my proposal comes into play.

I am simply requesting that you think about what you are saying when you create an update. Is it negative in nature? Are you just complaining to complain or are you actually seeking solutions or assistance with a problem? Maybe take a minute to scan your previous updates. Do you only present blech when you share, because I’m telling you now, there is not a single person who enjoys only hearing about the purely negative aspects of your life.

That's all I ask. It seems like a reasonable request to me, but of course it does, it is my idea.

And yes, in case you’re thinking that the irony of my complaining about other people complaining has slipped beyond my notice, it hasn’t.

Thank you for your time.


  1. I couldn't have said it better. My personal favorite is when someone posts at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, "Just got off work." Yeah? You and 200 million other Americans just got off work. Why do I care if you just got off work? "Going to the gym." Yeah? And who gives a f#$%? "I hate my job." Yeah? Then quit. Or don't quit, but stop bitching. It's not my problem you gave yourself zero options in life and are now stuck working a crappy job that you can't quit. I don't want to hear it, either.

    Sorry, I got a little heated reading your post. Nice work.

  2. Amen sister!! My personal favorites are the cryptic messages to/about someone where no name is used, so it's a crap-shoot as to who they are really talking about!!

    I so enjoyed your Thankful blog post too - I'm so happy that you are in a good place right now and enjoying life!! And I totally understand feeling sad when nobody comments! I know that people read mine, but its always nice to get feedback!

  3. I just read this and was really entertained. You are SO right. This is exactly the stupid stuff I was referring to when I put my post about deleting friends. The same old people who write a 5 sentence status saying each thing each person in their family did for the day and that now they are going to bed. Who cares. I really have to stop myself from commenting and just writing 'who cares'. Instead I feel like I should remove them from my friends rather than getting annoyed by them. But then I am the bad guy for deleting my so-called friends. I could go on forever so I will stop now. Thank you for the entertaining post.


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