Freedom by Jonathan Franzen a review…

Poor, poor Patty and Walter. The main characters of Freedom spend the majority of their time living exactly the way I’ve avoided living. However, similar to reality shows like Teen Mom and Sister Wives, there is something within the sadness of Freedom, of living a life so unlike my own, that pulls me in so completely it were as if I didn’t have a choice. 

Freedom is an unusual read, both in style and story. Reminiscent of Pulp Fiction, the plot isn’t presented in a nice and neat series of events. Instead, connections are forced. Questioning and predicting about what is to come is ideal, and especially nice for a book club read. Speaking of which, this was our third choice following Three Cups of Tea and The Lacuna. I really enjoy that I have someone else choosing books besides me, because I probably would have never selected this one. Many of our discussions focused on the idea that no major conflict was occurring, yet, we were continually pulled back into Patty and Walter’s lives itching to learn what would happen next.

The style was also different in form. When I think of form variations I automatically think of James Frey’s Million Little Pieces where basic grammar and punctuation does not guide the writing, the narrator’s thoughts do instead. Freedom is kind of the opposite. Whole paragraphs go on for pages, and a single chapter is easily a quarter of the book. And then at the end you realize you have read some 600+ pages and aren’t really sure how the hell the author kept you entertained for so long.

Overall the book is definitely worth a read. 


  1. I have this on my Nook but haven't started it yet.


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