A Brand New Me

O M G! I don't even say shit like this because I think it is quickly deteriorating the English language, but in this case I mean it! I'm so much lighter now, and no, I'm not referring to all of the calorie counting. Our United States Government, specifically the Higher Education Board has, after some six months, accepted my Loan Forgiveness Application. I now owe exactly 5,000 dollars less in student loans!!

This is an excellent opportunity provided to educators with student loans. The program was created to assist those teachers who have taught for at least five years in low socio-economic schools. The amount of assistance varies based on your subject area of expertise as well as what the government deems a high demand subject area. For example, since I am just a plain old English teacher with a Masters Degree in English as a Second Language, the maximum I could apply for was 5,000 dollars. However, teachers in areas such as Special Education can have up to 17,500 dollars paid back!

While I am obviously excited about this and hopeful that anyone who fits the above stated criteria apply while the money and program still exist, potential applicants need to be on their toes. In order to make this happen, I was the one who tracked down my information in human resources for three separate schools. I was the one who, from Arizona, did not accept an application rejection knowing that I had served my time. I was the one who fought and pleaded with human resources directors and principals to do their part as directed by the application--even though it went against their protocol and order of operations within the district. Lesson Learned: No one in this process is going to go out of THEIR way for YOU.

Basically the process was a real pain in the ass. Many tears were shed. No joke, ask my point of contact at the Higher Ed. board. It took well over six months to accomplish, but it was completely worth it. I mean, now I'm 5,000 dollars richer. Okay, so I'm not exactly flush with cash. But in the future...can't you see it? I will theoretically finish paying off my school loans so much sooner. And then at that moment...I will be able to enjoy the next 5,000 I make. Right?

Okay, so most likely I will have new school loans at that time. But that is not the point. TODAY I sit five grand less in debt, then where I was yesterday.  

Here is the link for the program if interested.


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