Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand a review…

Every time I have attempted to sit down and write about Louis Zamperini’s life, as portrayed by Laura Hillenbrand, I end up completely unhappy with the result. I’ve realized that this is because my words simply can’t detail how completely impressed I am with this man and his experiences. I have decided to just accept my own inadequacies so that I can pass on the idea that everyone should read this book.

Hillenbrand is also the author of the New York Times Bestseller, Seabiscuit, which I have already purchased shortly after beginning Unbroken. Hillenbrand’s writing style is very precise, and very detailed. She has recreated the life of Louis Zamperini so completely it is obvious that she must have fully immersed herself into Zamperini’s life in order to create a story with such specificity. 

Unbroken is an amazing, almost unbelievable, collection of events that Louise Zamperini encountered during his lifetime. When we are introduced to Zamperini he is training to be an Olympic athlete and become the first person to break a four-minute mile. World War II begins and Zamperini’s plane crashes into the ocean leaving few to attempt survival in the open sea. And if that isn’t tough enough, Zamperini is later captured in Japan, who at that time, held very different standards regarding the established rules of warfare. This is most especially in consideration of the treatment of the P.O.W.’s. Truly horrific is all that can be said about the atrocities he and other Prisoners of War faced during World War II.

Unbroken is a fantastic book that is extremely well written. It is full of United States history as it influenced Zamperini’s life, some of which was absolutely shocking.

Read, read, read!


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