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For the last few years I have had this vision of living a more self-sustaining lifestyle. This is partially in response to my overall contempt for how the majority of our foods- specifically meat, vegetables, and fruits- are raised and processed. This idea also stems from my desire to have the knowledge and skills to simply be able to provide for myself. However, to actually attain this goal is an extensive undertaking, and so I'm taking it step by step in hopes that one day I might be able to experience this way of life.

For now, I try my best to eat and purchase foods as truly "organic" as possible. I try to make and eat most meals at home so that I'm the one in charge of every ingredient that goes in to the dish. I try to avoid purchasing "meals-ready-to-eat" for this very same reason. I'm not perfect, we do eat out on occasion, but it is definitely not the norm for us. [Side note: I do greatly enjoy Odwalla bars- shout out to the Dark Chocolate Walnut bars...mmm]

I completely realize though that this is not everyone's dream. I understand how my envisioning a garden so that I can harvest, dry, freeze and can my own produce, is not the ideal for most people I know. And that's just fine with me.

But yesterday, I purchased a pressure cooker! And I'm so excited! (Thanks mom and dad for the Key Bank gift card! What a great idea to have non-store specific gift cards. This was especially useful since I had to call three stores before finding one that carried the 16 quart cooker that I wanted.)

I've wanted a pressure cooker for a while so that I could can spaghetti sauce, salsa, and jam. I specifically made the purchase yesterday instead of waiting until Spring and Summer's fresh goodies were ready because I "needed" to can some pickled asparagus immediately. Overall, it appears to be a success...although I have no idea what they actually taste like. I will let you know.


  1. My mom makes some ridiculously good Pepper Jelly. I can get you the recipe. You don't nee your pressure cooker though and it's ready to eat the next day...

  2. mmm...yes please, that pepper jelly was ridiculously good :)

  3. So, call me crazy, but I never knew what a pressure cooker was!

  4. Don't worry Jenna :) when I initially was looking them up online for prices I triple verified that a pressure cooker was actually what I needed. The weird thing is that the cooker can cook all kinds of food--super fast, like meats. Crazy.


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