Sarah’s Key by Tatiana De Rosnay...a review

I am always incredibly disappointed to learn of situations and events that demonstrate the awfulness that humans are capable of doling out to each other. Sarah’s Key evokes a similar level of disgust to what I encountered while reading Unbroken when I learned of the atrocities put upon Louis Zamperini and the other P.O.W’s. I cannot understand how an individual can view, and further, treat another human with such contempt that they disregard that person’s life so completely as to be able to end it.

[BLOGGER'S BURBLE] To live without compassion, or to judge based on a single aspect is an ignorance that exists because we let it. If I ruled the world (thank you Nas): war, torture, and judgment of people based on ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, and religion would simply not exist. I do not believe war is necessary. I believe that a state of equilibrium can be reached without it, but in order for that to occur, trust and respect for other people, most especially whatever it is that makes them different, must exist. However, what we see over and over again, by societies all around the world, is that we appear to be incapable of accepting and embracing differences, of learning from each other.

Sarah’s Key embodies this inability. Rosnay intertwines the past (early 1940’s) and present day Paris, France, and she does it extremely well. Sarah, the lead character of Paris past is both Jewish and Polish. Her family and many others are forced to deal with Nazi rules and restrictions in their daily lives. Julia is the lead character in present day France. She is an American born, 25-year resident of Paris. She is a journalist who learns a whole new aspect of Parisian history and culture, as she delves into some personal connections to this history.

Sarah’s Key is an exceptionally good read. Rosnay wrote a story that has etched itself into my mind, the characters still finding their way around. Definitely make this a choice.


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