Siphon Draw: Lost Dutchman State Park

Presidents Day Weekend which, for most educators and their students, means a 3-4 day weekend. We woke up early Saturday morning to the most beautiful sunrise I've seen here thus far. Super pretty to look at, but ultimately those same clouds created a weekend that was mostly spent indoors. I obviously can't complain since it hardly ever rains here and all those cacti need to get water somehow.

Today though, the sun shone through the few remaining clouds. We left the house at 8:00 am to check out a hiking trail one of my students suggested. Siphon Draw, which is part of the Lost Dutchman State Park, was an absolutely beautiful hike. We stopped at the "waterfall" for lunch and ended up turning around at this point. The remainder of the hike began as a fairly upright rock wall. I did not for one second doubt Leah's ability to make the climb since half of our hikes are spent with her mountain-goating both she and I up the trail. However, when I envisioned how the return trip would play out...I did not picture it going well, for either of us attached to that leash.

This was our lunch break spot, and the next is Leah's face when we told her we weren't going up any further. She was not happy.
The next picture is my favorite-
 This was rock wall that began the next stage of the hike. We will definitely come back to finish.
 Great hike. Good trail markings and well maintained. Beautiful.

 It is approximately 11:00 am according to Leah and her friend's sundial.
Tyler and I were trying to take a picture with just the two of us. Leah wouldn't allow it.


  1. I have always wanted to see this place. My friend Adam just raced there as well, this same weekend!


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