Lots of Light Summer Reading

 {Courtesy of Chelsea Handler}

If you enjoy extremely off-color humor, like me, then chances are you will love reading any of the following books by Chelsea Handler. Quick and easy reads, you will find each one to be the perfect companion for the pool, the beach, etc...just make sure you don't care who is around to hear you laughing to yourself or be prepared to explain why, and trust that the content isn't always for everyone's ears. Overall Chelsea Handler seems like the type of celebrity you might actually want to party with--only to find out you've made a horrible mistake.


Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea was my first Chelsea Handler read. I instantly fell in love with her stories of vodka dieting and pill popping lifestyle that landed her in situation after ridiculous situation. Handler describes growing up with parents who were basically "done" with raising children by the time she came along, and how she used their non-committal parenting to her advantage. This may also be indicative of why she later ended up in jail, but who knows.  


In My Horizontal Life: A collection of one-night stands Chelsea Handler divulges...well, pretty much everything you would expect from the title. As in Are You There Vodka, she has a knack for finding alcohol infused fun as well as what some might say is an obsession for people who are, on average, smaller than the average person. One particular story, entitled Skid Mark leaves very little to the imagination and had me laughing way more than I should have.


After reading three of Chelsea Handler's books, I really feel like I'm getting a sense for who she really is... someone I'd be really nervous to fall asleep around. I've also gathered that her staff and friends stick with her because she is undeniably generous, which really though, when you read the hell she puts people through, it seems necessary that she takes them on lavish vacations to make up for it. One particular chapter, entitled Black-on-Black Crime is so  hilarious that I'm thankful just to have been able to read it.


Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me is the perfect example of how we are told not  to act while in the workplace as Chelsea continually deceives those she works with for her own enjoyment. This book is different from the others in that Chelsea Handler isn't the actual author. Instead, each chapter is told from a co-worker, friend or family member who Handler has (typically on more than one occasion) seriously screwed with.  Handler does end each of the stories with her own side of the story as it were, but you pretty much get the idea that what these other people (the victims) are saying, is probably accurate. A personal favorite is a chapter entitled, Raise the Woof which is "told" by Chunk, her pup.


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