Usery Mountain--Mountain Pass Loop
Perhaps I should have taken the conversation I had with Ingrid a little more seriously. Maybe I should not have tossed it aside as drunken chatter, because when she asked me what kind of ring I wanted, that is just what I did. Salt River Tubing reminds me of the t-shirts Tyler and I brought home from the pub crawl we went on in Rome professing it to be the night we'd "never forget remember". That's not exactly how the pub crawl went, but it describes our recent tubing adventures pretty accurately.

My best guess is we were in our 4th or 5th hour of the float sustaining ourselves primarily on Bloody Marys (for breakfast) and skittles vodka (for lunch). While other participants may routinely complete the trip in four to five hours, our time seems to extend itself due to our, rather unnecessary, rules of shot-gunning beers at any available beach area that appears inviting.

So perhaps, all of my synapses weren't functioning as they should, and so not only did I deflect the conversation with an ambiguous, "I have no idea," I also completely forgot the discussion with Ingrid had even taken place. Until two weeks ago.

It was two weeks ago when Tyler, the pups, and I decided to hike up a mountain and he asked me to marry him. It was the first time since the start of summer where the day time heat was not supposed to exceed the low 90's. The morning of the hike I sat in the backyard and ate breakfast while Tyler made us lunch for the hike.  I ultimately should have noted this exact moment as unusual, predicting the day would not be a typical day. Don't misunderstand. Tyler is extremely considerate. However, he is also not someone who packs snacks for our hikes, or kayak trips, or road trips, or camping trips. That is always my job, and I like it. And it is most especially true for our hikes. Tyler is not one to take a break to enjoy the local flora and fauna. He is motivated for completion practically as soon as we start. And that's just fine. But I should have noted the uncharacteristic trait in which he was actually planning a lunch break, with dessert.

Note the little shady spot on the left!

My last clue came a little too close to the actual proposition with not nearly enough time to evaluate what was going on until I had time to look back on it. We reached our little oasis of shade after 4.5 miles. It was such a great spot for the trail with no desert creatures trying to ruin the mood, and a nice open view of the surrounding areas. But Tyler was most definitely not in the same state of mind I was. He was all over the place, like Latimore usually acts. I was just about to say, "why don't you relax or something, you're making me nervous" when he said he had a question for me. When I looked back over at him, he was down on one knee and had a ring in his hand. I could not have asked for a better situation. He did a damn good job.

I have never once questioned my relationship with Tyler. I remember when we first started spending time together and I told him it was his turn to plan our next activity. He suggested we go hiking or camping... I asked Cassy and Becky if it was too early to tell him I loved him. They said it might be too soon. But I probably knew then what I know now, and that is there is absolutely no one else I'd rather spend the night dancing with in the kitchen.


  1. Congrats!! I'm SO excited for you!!

  2. I can't wait to see you guys to celebrate!!! So happy for you two. I love reading your posts on Monday morning!!!!


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