David's Bridal

David's Bridal- "making dreams come true for life's most special occasions"...if you plan on spending an amount viewed worthwhile by the saleswoman who has been assigned to work with you. I'm not, which is why I ultimately left feeling like a 16th century pauper instead of having my dreams come true.

For some reason I keep replaying this image of Cinderella scrubbing the floor, clutching her dirty, well-worn apron to her chest as her step-sisters twirl around her, showing off their new gowns for the ball. That is how I felt, pushed aside, deep into the recesses of the store while I watched girls up on pedestal stages presenting their changes of dress to an audience of family and friends seated below. My mirror, in the back corner of the store, wasn't even a full sheet so half of my body was on one side, and half was on the other.

I guess I'm not completely surprised that during this experience I felt like an outsider. Every other girl appeared completely natural up on their pedestals, as if this was just an everyday activity. This is my life. I have never, ever felt comfortable in situations like this. Clothes, makeup, hair...all of it, ever since middle school has been a mystery to me, and I have never felt like I have it right.

I've more or less embraced this as an adult, allowing my differences in perception to become a positive. I'm confident enough to wear what I think looks good, to not spend a ridiculous amount of time getting ready to go somewhere, to essentially be happy being me. However, the discomfort still resides in me and getting married, or more specifically, shopping for a wedding dress takes this discomfort and multiplies it by the idea of everything needing to be perfect.

Well, I do want our wedding to be perfect, and special, and most importantly simple. I want to be able to enjoy time with my family and friends...and I want to look good doing it. In my mind this is not a ridiculous request.

And so, off to David's Bridal. Even though Tyler proposed weeks ago, my mind hasn't solely been focused on our wedding. Actually, much of our time recently has been spent shopping for houses, and then ultimately purchasing our home, which is adorable by the way. I did manage to tour the DB website and print off three dresses that I thought were beautiful, in my price range, and perfectly suitable for our backyard wedding. I would love to spend less than $200 on my dress, and the dresses I found were just right. I just wanted to first make sure the fit and size was right before I made the jump. And if you've read any of my previous posts, especially Dearly Beloved, you already know I have absolutely no intention of Tyler and I being indebted to our wedding day. I completely understand that $200 is not a huge amount and most dresses will not be available to me. That is fine, because the reality is I don't want most dresses that are available. Most are simply too much dress for me.

"Gina", or Lucifer as I'd prefer she be called, the saleswoman, wanted to get to know me better, so she could better assist me, and better attune the exact amount of helpfulness she planned on providing.

Lucifer: Did you have a chance to look through the catalog?

Me: Yes, and I printed some off of the website too.

Lucifer: Oh, excellent. (making a notation on her clipboard, but not looking at the pictures) And how many in your wedding party?

Me: None.

Lucifer: Uh, huh, no wedding party,(scribble, scribble) and will your fiance be wearing a tux?

Me: No.

Lucifer: Ok, no wedding party and no tux, well we do have deals for those, but I won't waste your time on that though.

Me: Great.

Lucifer: And how much are you wanting to spend?

Me: Um, well I like the prices on the dresses I brought in as examples. (uncomfortable attempt at humor)

Lucifer: (finally stops writing) well, what is your cap?

Me: $200??? [I honestly had not created a cap, I was just starting my search]

Lucifer: Well, except for the sales rack, I don't really have anything in your budget.

Me: Oh, (In my head), weird, because these dresses that I printed out are from this store.

Pam: She is willing to try more expensive dresses on.

Lucifer: Well, I just don't want to have you try something on and have you fall in love with it, but not be comfortable with the price.

Me:(In my head) Bitch, you don't know what I can or can't afford.

Ultimately, the experience was negative. Obviously. She didn't show me anything other than the one rack. My size was not determined. Lucifer didn't want me in the proper undergarments because she said they cost around $75 dollars and that would put me over budget. She said the same thing about my headpiece, and she never once offered to let me try on shoes with a dress to see the length.

The irony of course is had I found a dress I liked that was reasonable, even if over my $100 goal, I would have made the purchase. I'm not indigent. I'm not scraping change together for my next meal. I just don't WANT to spend a large amount of money.

This is the part in my mind where I go back to the store, Julia Roberts' style in Pretty Woman, and be like, "big mistake, huge".


  1. The beautiful thing about you is that you could make the biggest piece of shit look great. I can't wait until our wedding day. You will look great!

  2. I went to the David's Bridal on the I-10 and Ray... I truly do not think anyone in that store cares about your wedding....those "consultants" only make $10/hr plus commission. I went with a girlfriend to DB and found my dress without the help of any "consultant." When I went to pay the cashier asked me who helped me and I said, "No one." She went on to tell me that she cannot ring up the dress without a consultant...aka giving someone the commission...
    I feel your pain. Tyler is right, no matter what dress you choose, you will look amazing :) Good luck!

    From Rain Soaked Seattle,


  3. I can't stop laughing! I hate that store!! I can't agree with you more. I felt like all they wanted was their commission and it drove me CRAZY! You know - if you haven't boughten your dress, you can take mine and do whatever you want to it. (scrap it and make your own, etc). What the heck am I going to do with a dress in the closet?!!! I couldn't agree with you more! Love you. Just know, you and Tyler are going to look gorgeous. Can't wait!

  4. You're the best Mindy...at this point I think I'm good to go :) I did, however, get a call from David's Bridal Corporate today! This is after two email messages to their customer "care" department. I'm super curious to see what that is all about.


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