The Luckiest

Way back in 2009, when Tyler and I were first dating he made a CD for me. It included Lil Wayne, Justin Timberlake, Green know, all the greats. It also had songs that he said were some of his favorites. "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds was on that CD. Tyler and I probably weren't at a point in our relationship where we were experiencing the exact sentiment expressed in the song, but I absolutely remember thinking how beautiful it was. 

I think that tomorrow is our one month anniversary, although I'm not completely sure because it is summer vacation after all. Can I just say that I never thought I'd get married...that I wasn't the kind of girl to marry. And it is so funny, and so completely true, that I thought those things because I wasn't with Tyler. He is my perfect "other". And no, not just because he's so stupidly attractive, that even when he's hungover, or sick, or self deprecating himself in some way, he still looks good. It's him...his whole self that I adore.

I love how we're watching Olympic Trials on TV and I decide to move the couch to make room for some cartwheels and handstands and after watching for a few minutes, he just looks at me and says, with such sincerity, "I didn't know my wife was a gymnast. You're so good. I didn't know."

I love how after a night of spending time with some friends, we borrow their bikes to get home at 3 in the morning and Tyler starts yelling as we enter the neighborhood louder than I've ever heard him yell, "Latimore...I'm coming!!! Latimore!!!"

I love how he participates in Leah's and my games of hide and seek.

I love that he had the forethought to plan the proposal around a hike, in a park so close to our house that  I can look over at the mountain and smile every time I see it.

Mainly though, I love our time that we spend together, even when we do absolutely nothing.

I think back about those first few times we hung out, as friends. It was such an ideal situation really. Neither of us had any interest in dating. We were both still freshly single enough that I guess we just wanted someone, someone safe, to spend time with without the pressures that can come along with dating. It worked. Wonderfully. I trusted Tyler immediately and whether that was from my history knowing his mom or Tyler's own character, I'm not really sure, but I was able to "meet" Tyler on a different level. We spent most of our first outings talking well until sunrise. We went kayaking and hiking and made dinner together, just the two of us, and it was all so easy.

I'm pretty sure I realized I actually was interested in dating him when I wrote him an email saying it was his turn to plan an outing. He responded with almost a page of ideas. That was it. That was the moment that I always think back to. I remember joking to a few friends questioning if it was too early to tell him I loved him because of it.  That potential outing evolved into a group camping trip at Lake Cushman, the best camping trip I've probably ever been on. Who knew that we would be camping that weekend with our wedding officianado and one of our witnesses. Crazy. I'm pretty sure our no-light night walking and nighttime swim solidified some great friendships, as well as Tyler's and my relationship.

I don't like that saying, "everything happens for a reason" because it's such an easy out as a means to explain the unexplainable. For a long time, a very long time, I established a mental list detailing out all those characteristics that I didn't want in a relationship. It's a pretty comprehensive list- no joke. Nothing that Tyler does is on that list. That's why he is my husband. And that's why everyday I feel like I'm the luckiest. 


  1. Very well written, babe! The term "luckiest" implies that you are luckier than all others, and that can't possibly be true because I'm a little more lucky than you.

  2. Ahhh, I loved reading this.. :) I am happy you two found each other.


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