Excuses are like...

I should be out on my bike right now. I'm obviously not. Earlier in the day I was looking forward to a 20 mile ride...even had my route all mentally mapped out. And then I had a couple punch-myself-in-the-head-repeatedly types of moments at the end of my work day. And then I came home, and sat down, and I have yet to fully get up.

I know that I should be riding. I keep telling myself to not make excuses...I keep telling myself "let's do this" as my Home Depot bucket insists...but instead, everything else inside me, besides that voice, keeps reiterating how I kind of just want to sit here more than I want to be prepared for the ride. (That is a statement I will most likely regret in about 50 days from now.)

Do you think it's possible to train physically for this type of venture by mere mental training...the kind of training where I just sit here envisioning my ride...me riding...my legs pumping...me looking into my mini-rear-view mirror checking for erratic driving...me listening to husband's silence as he questions how he ever agreed to such craziness?

In my mind, I feel pretty ready.

Our route is complete. Every stop that we could reserve has been reserved. Two piles of riding equipment have taken over our spare room. For the most part, it's all I think about it. If you don't really want to know about the ride, don't ask. Once I start talking about it, I kind of can't stop. With every task complete, I think of a couple more tasks I'd like to accomplish "sooner rather than later". Right now for example, even while writing, I'm thinking about weighing our sleeping bags and tent. I'm thinking about setting up our backpacking tent to air it out a bit AND to show myself that I remember how to use it. I'm thinking about placing all of my reservations and notes and calendar and maps into the folder thing that I found that will be perfect. I'm thinking about ordering the Larabars and Honey Stinger wafers and fruit chews and nuts and packets of tuna, chicken, and salmon from Amazon because this way I know we'll have it. This shit, the logistics, has kept me up at night.

It doesn't help that I keep reading about it. Our friends, Val and Denis married last weekend. Besides the awesomeness that this wedding was, husband and I also had the opportunity to meet an Australian couple that just set out for their own bike tour (Go Sam and Krista!!). They left on Monday heading for Toronto-quite the tour as well-on a tandem. I'm not religious, but bless them. I feel like riding tandem takes serious patience, teamwork, and the strength to ride that long inches away from a significant other. I love my husband. I love him more than I thought possible, but I kind of like the uh space of my own bike. They are updating their ride on Sam and Krista's Ride to Toronto (Crazy Guy on a Bike). Naturally while viewing their journal, I scoped out some coastal riders and peeped their prep training. I'm feeling a little under-prepared at the moment, and you'd think that'd make me more inclined to ride but as it were....

I do think we've been doing pretty well. Yes, I know we could be training harder, but I also want to maintain a fairly normal life. We have 20 days of school (actual school days) left. It's a little busy at work with end of year activities: graduation, prom, state testing, classes to teach, etc...We have 45 days until this ride begins. We will be on the road for 36 days total. And, I'm fairly positive it will be awesome. I just hope I'm not crying in pain through most of it.


  1. I too and well versed in the tyranny of the shoulds. Should have gone for a run, should have worked on my damn thesis. Maybe the appropriate should for that crappy day at work should have been I'm going to sit my butt on the couch (guilt free!) and enjoy me some Avett Brothers. From what I have seen, you are well prepared for this journey. Here's to laying like broccoli!

  2. Thanks Julie---I suppose I'll have plenty of "not sitting around the house" in just a few weeks!


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