Cycle the Coast Slide Show

Back to work tomorrow to start the new school year. We spent the last couple days organizing our photos from our trip in order to create some sort of finished product. I should have started two weeks ago when we first got home since we still have a ton of pictures and video clips to go through on the GoPro. Oh well. It was a choice, and while my time lounging by the pool and watching Survivor was not as productive as it could have been, I enjoyed doing a whole lot of nothing to round out my summer. Hopefully now that we've practiced a little with this slide show, perhaps the "extended cut" will go a bit smoother and we'll be able to incorporate some of the time lapse and video clips.


  1. That was simply amazing!! The pictures and music were fantastic. But better yet were the smiles on your faces. Pure happiness. What an adventure ....priceless memories! Thank you so much for sharing your trip.


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