Looking Forward, Strengthening Habits, Being Present

Perhaps it's the new number at the end.

Maybe it was the morning soak in the hot tub.

Maybe, just maybe, it was Pitbull's New Year's Eve Revolution in Miami welcoming in the new year with some much loved nostalgia.

Whatever the influence, I'm ready to get down to setting my 2017 goals. I'm pretty big on goal setting. I've made this part of my transition from year to year for quite a while now. My husband reminded me last night that this was how our Cycle the Coast trip began. It's how I began the switch from teaching to taking classes myself and ultimately deciding to change careers. It's me basically envisioning and designing how I want my life to be.

This year I'm going to play around with a graphic so that I can better visualize the different areas of me, I would like to focus on. The link is to the article, but it's also explained in this video.

I've been pretty influenced lately by the aspects of my life that appear to be out of my control. For the last few months I've collected some articles, videos, infographics, and illustrations that allow me to better focus how I want to spend my time, and in a sense combat some of the difficulties I've been dealing with.

So here is my list to you--eleven sources detailing out how to better look forward, strengthen habits and be present in the next year of your life.

  1. Forbes.com (article) 7 Habits That May Actually Change The Brain, According to Science -"what science tells us helps our brain"
  2. Ideas.Ted.com (article) Books to help you answer big questions about yourself -book list
  3. Mindful.org (article) 5 Major Mind Traps that Hinder Happiness -"roadblocks keep us stuck in the depression loop: caught up in negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors as the brain rehashes past events"
  4. Ted.com (video series) Slow down! Enjoy life. -"talks that inspire you to take time to process it all"
  5. Mindful.org (collection of articles) Top 12 Posts of 2016  -"advice on how to work with your mind, understand your emotions, and practice being your authentic self"
  6. Ted.com (video series) 8 Ted Talks to Help You Focus on What Really Matters  -"it's easy to get caught up...step back, slow down, and appreciate the bigger picture. 
  7. BrainPickings.org (illustrations) Thin Slices of Anxiety: An Illustrated Meditation on What it's Like to Live Enslaved by Worry and How to Break Free 
  8. NutritionFacts.org (video series) Top 10 Most Popular Videos of 2016 -"researchers and volunteers sift through tens of thousands of papers published in peer-reviewed scientific nutrition literature"
  9. Mindful.org (animation) Why we Need to Practice a Little Self-Compassion and Why Self-Compassion is the New Mindfulness -"falling short, being vulnerable...and why that's okay"
  10. Lifehack.org (infographic collection) 13 Infographics to Help You Eat Healthier
and from my new favorite daily read:
  1. BecomingMinimalist.com (article) 11 Resolutions for a Better You-- Proven by Science  -"how our habits determine the course of our lives"


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